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Buy pc solid sheet approach and should pay attention to matters
pc solid sheet Selection How should it? What is the difference between the information? Here we look concretely, PC polycarbonate panels have several levels according to quality differences, the first customer to understand. Generally it can be divided into high, medium, generally three levels. For habits are not the same customer base and customer demand, the goods on the basis of the quality of products is divided into three, 10-year warranty, 7 year warranty, 5-year warranty, 3 year warranty.

Each sub-brand goods, materials, quality, prices are not the same, there are some other manufacturers to supply low level pc solid sheet. Under pc polycarbonate panels offer no firm is large shopping malls, customers need to know these, you can use according to their own needs and product selection.

Let me introduce some of the differences between good and bad pc solid sheet useful approach:

1. hand to squeeze pc solid sheet. The proportion of full pc solid sheet, like the natural strength. Otherwise than light, the intensity is not. Protective film is not tidy.

2. Query pc solid sheet packaging. Clean, no fall, these details can show the manufacturer of the production process is not valued. Here are the main manifestation of mind, query pc solid sheet color is not uniform.

3 tear protective film. pc solid sheet surface is not flat, no bubbles, particles. Assumed larger particles and air bubbles are more, then clarify pc solid sheet data is poor, low-grade boards. Assuming that fewer small, it may be a better material. Assumed almost nothing, it is better to clarify the quality of information. General warranty decade sheet is so.

Pc solid sheet according to the above approach to select talent selection is very good, the saying goes, a penny stock, the offer was too low in the face of goods, customers in the purchase of the hour is not to stay in the heart of the trade is not the arrival quality standards requirements. Together we should pay attention to some businesses shoddy, whether to spend money to buy a 10-year warranty for seven years and perhaps even lower 5-year warranty goods.

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