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How to buy solid sheet
In the purchase of PC sheet, how the quality of the sheet to discriminate it, Here's to introduce a few optional solid sheet method.

1, see the packaging. Although the resolution is not the quality of packaging and polycarbonate panels, but as if the acquisition of other products, good packaging gives a good first impression, and by packaging manufacturers also reflects the processing of emotions. Therefore, the query package is optional solid sheet of a ring.

2, the protective film of polycarbonate panels opened, the surface of the query, if found there are more bubbles and particles, then the choice is not the best material, polycarbonate panels are usually good, can not see any surface particles and bubbles.

3, put the polycarbonate panels to the sun exposure, after a period of time, if found some sheets appear yellow phenomenon, indicating the quality of the polycarbonate panels is not good.

In addition, it can also pad in a solid sheet of white paper below, by comparing the query polycarbonate panels are not present the phenomenon of yellow, if the yellow, then the quality is not good.

4, choose a smaller solid sheet incineration test, good quality solid sheet after away from the fire, it will calm yourself.

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