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PC sun panel described the strengths and Scheduling
The rapid development of economy, commodities are also constantly upgrading. Usual day everywhere glass products gradually by the emergence of new and alternative commodities. Glassware mall in just a few years is almost completely replace PC sun board. So what is a PC sunshine board what goods can be quickly occupied glass mall it? PC sun panel is a high priority function engineering plastics - polycarbonate (PC) resin processing, PC sun board, also known as polycarbonate hollow sheet, plate glass Capron, single- or multi-PC hollow sheet, poly carbonate plates. Its a bit by having ultra-high transparency, texture is very light, strong impact resistance, sound insulation effect, good insulation function, flame resistance, the use of longer life expectancy, is a high-tech, pole induction function well, energy saving plastic sheet.

Everything has two sides, there is certainly also a bit flawed. For PC sun panels, its drawback is that it is not acid, from the microscopic, the original of which is not really what the defect, we all know, strong corrosive acid, alkali encountered just any commodity higher liquid or solid components are more or less bound to suffer damage.

PC sun board use plan very extensive. It contains almost all the work. Usual day as seen factories, stadiums ceiling lighting and shading canopy, railway stations and other public facilities, highway noise, advertisement decoration, gyms, swimming pools, warehouses skylights, residence, commercial canopy lighting, exhibition lighting, decorative, greenhouse agriculture, aquaculture and flower greenhouses, as well as telephone booths, book kiosks, greenhouse / industrial plants, advertising signs, parking shed, channel lighting poncho category.

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