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Select the number of the thickness of the solid sheet canopy set up for the most appropriate?
Solid sheet canopy now use in high-end residential villas, high-grade office buildings and residence for many. Precisely because the polycarbonate panels awning outdoor design life of more than 15 years, can safely withstand the invasion front 12 typhoons and other characteristics. There is a solid sheet because of wind, impact resistance, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, self-cleaning rainwater, curved arc design silencer, UV filter, aesthetics, safety, environmental protection, and easy decision.
Then the pc board canopy with a few solid sheet thickness is better, which depends on the specific environment in which you installed. Now the choice of more of 2.5 mm -3.5 mm, in which we may have a problem that both the thickness of which it would be more durable? In fact, the thickness of the solid sheet and plate life itself is not much relationship. Choose different thickness depends mainly on the installation site of the context in which, if the local wind, rain and snow volume, because the ability to consider the load plate, it is necessary to choose thicker pc solid sheet.
pc solid sheet canopy primarily assembled by a special plastic holder or galvanized sheet iron frame and PC together, there is a strong combination of continuous. It looks elegant and generous, rugged and durable, can be installed on top of the doors, windows, air conditioner outdoor unit, ATM teller machines, used for mail and other outdoor shade rain.

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