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The difference between solar panels and polycarbonate panels
Solar panels and polycarbonate panels with the following differences:
1> solar panels cheaper than polycarbonate panels, solar panels and insulation better than polycarbonate panels, easily cold-formed, easy to cut;
2> is lower than the transmittance of solar panels polycarbonate panels, but the balcony is a low light transmittance for the package but is a good thing, allegedly made with silver sun board lighting is very good, not very hot summer, and transmitted light There is no particular color;
3> polycarbonate panels soundproofing ability is better than some of the solar panels;
4> If you use solar panels as far as possible with the quality of a good point, anyway, a balcony is also not much more money, too bad board easily broken, holes are made into a dirty gray;
5> is a solid single layer polycarbonate panels, transparent polycarbonate panels light transmission rate can reach 89%, and almost glass, and impact resistance is 200 times that of ordinary glass, can be used to make outdoor light boxes, bus station license, riot shields, etc;
6> solar panels are hollow, the "workers" shaped two-story structure sun pads and "m" shaped structure three solar panels as well as "I" shaped hollow multilayer structure sun panels, skylights can be used in warehouses, Stadium skylights, greenhouse ceiling, etc;
7> the same thickness and area a lot heavier than polycarbonate panels solar panels.

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