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Regalon® Light Diffusing Polycarbonate Sheet

Overview While maintaining the polycarbonate's original technical performance, the Regalon® light diffusion sheets can make the light scattered and refracted when it passes through the panel. Thus, the penetration of the light is strengthened and the spot light source is distributed evenly on the back of the panel to get the best visual effect. The Regalon® light diffusion sheets have the extreme strong light diffusing function and able to make the light homogeneous, so that it is widely used in the fields like LED lamp casing, luminous signs and billboards.
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Main Benefits

  • Homogeneous lighting
  • Environment protection
  • Stability of the color temperature
  • Outstanding optical performance

Typical Applications

  • LED tubular lamps
  • LED planar lamps
  • LED hospital lamps
  • LED billboard lamps
  • super thin billboards, etc.

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